Detoxification Addiction

In most cases of addition, especially drug addiction, an individual gets physically dependent on a certain substance. Once an individual gets dependent on a substance, he or she is not able to function well and may feel physical pains when he or she doesn’t take in the drug. This is because the drug has already affected the chemical balance in the brain allowing the person’s system to crave for the certain drug in order to obtain stability. This gets worse when the body starts to tolerate the drug that enters the system, thus, resulting to a higher amount requirement the next time the drug is taken to achieve the desired result.

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Meth Addiction

Like any other drugs, once abused, it could result to harmful effects towards the user’s body. Upon entering the brain, methamphetamine triggers the rapid release of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine which regulate feelings of pleasure. It is very active in mesolimbic reward pathways of the brain which causes intense euphoria.

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