Drug Treatment Rehab Programs

At the turn of the new century, drug addiction has been experienced with increasing statistics. In the United States, more than 30% confess to having used drug on a certain point of their life. With these 30%, about 11% are in need of the substance. There are dissimilarities between men and women on the use of drugs. In men, the chances are higher in using drugs as compared to women. It is attributed to the fact that there is more negligence when a man goes into drug addiction but with a woman, it’s a much different scenario. It must be taken note that there is no difference between men and women in abusing drugs but studies have shown that there is greater psychological risk women gets from substance use. All over the world, substance use varies quite substantially. There are specific countries where in some substances are used in the open. Nowadays, the use of drugs has increased on the college kids’ population. Ecstasy is one of the most popular drug being used.

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Desert Oasis Recovery, an Albuquerque, New Mexico Based Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center Announces Their New Day Treatment Addiction Treatment Program

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Desert Oasis Recovery, an Albuquerque, New Mexico based drug and alcohol addiction treatment center, announces their new day treatment addiction treatment program. A day treatment program includes most aspects of an inpatient addiction treatment program and is well suited for those individuals requiring less structure than inpatient clients dealing with drug and alcohol addiction.

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The Connection Between Drug Rehab and Depression

Depression has a lot of myths. People believe that when one ignores depression, it will go away. There is also a belief that people of high intellect and of high accomplishment cannot have depression. There are even people who believe that depression does not exist. Depression is quite a very complicated disorder. No can be really safe from it. Depression can also be caused by a whole lot of factors.

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Women and Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is synonymous to saying it’s a man thing. This is how the stereotype of alcohol addiction on each society. However, the stereotype has changed and society has to accept the fact that there are now many women who are into alcohol addiction. However, there’s still a particular stigma about a woman and alcohol addiction. This kind of stigma promotes denial. For a man, it is easier to admit alcohol addiction than for a woman. This is the reason why there is a higher percentage of women than men in terms of death rate.

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