Alcohol Addiction Information

People of different places and culture are fond of alcoholic drinks. It has already been a part that is instilled in some culture and in some places; it plays as a major part. Bottles of beer are always present whenever victories, and birthdays are celebrated. We even try to cure sadness with some bottles of beer. It’s no harm. The purpose is for socializing. Parties won’t be successful if not for those comfort drinks. It has been innate in us to like and take on drinking alcoholic drinks. In fact according to evolutionary psychology, we are genetically predisposed to like alcoholic drinks. On the time of the hunter-gatherer age, the age where ancestors’ main job is hunting and gathering, people have already been open to the elements to these alcoholic drinks, not in a form of drink but in the form of fruits. We are born with a sweet tooth. The sweet substance of alcohol made us like it. Over time, we do not like sweet drinks anymore; we have learned to be fond of odd tastes, like other variety of alcoholic drinks.

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Amphetamines and Drug Rehab

Annually, amphetamines (such as Dexedrine and Benzedrine) are manufactured by the United States pharmaceutical industry up to 8 to 10 billion doses. The drugs are most often swallowed as pills but can be injected intravenously, and methamphetamine can be snorted or smoked. These drugs were initially introduced as antihistamines, but people soon recognized their stimulant effects. To battle with depression or chronic fatigue from overwork or simply to boost their self-confidence and energy is how amphetamines are used these days. They are also a component of diet drugs. As a final point, there are stimulants used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in children such as Ritalin. Many doses of these drugs are diverted from prescription use to illegal use and abuse when they are supposed to be under the supervision of physicians. “Speed”, “meth”, and “chalk” are the popular names of amphetamines on the street.

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Alcohol Addiction Can Lead To Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

A state of a very vulnerable condition is where a pregnant woman sits. At this moment, she is hugely of no defense from different kinds of toxins and harmful substances. Some of the different substances that might negatively affect the fetus inside the mother’s womb are alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. Teratogens is the term given to these kind of harmful substances. It can even result to delivering an abnormal baby.

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On Alcohol Addiction

In terms of drinking alcoholic beverages, the experience is quite common. The effects of alcohol is even quite common. In a normal condition, after drinking a handful, the person may become dizzy and feels like vomiting. The term “tipsy” is given to this kind of condition. Alcoholic drinks has ingredients that go to an area in the brain and modify its role, thus, causing imbalance, aggressive and risky behaviors, and irrational thinking. On the other hand, being tipsy can be helped. An ample amount of asleep and a cup of hot coffee is all a tipsy person needs to overcome the “tipsiness”

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