A treatment for drug dependency is how drug rehab is always being defined. Drug rehab has the main objective to make a person refrain from using the substance again. This is vital in order to avoid the manifestations which will be the consequence after extensive and abusive drug use. Physical, psychological, and financial could be where these manifestations can happen.

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Society, Drug Addiction and Drug Rehab

Societies are at variance in their attitudes about substances with psychoactive effects, some viewing their use as a matter of individual choice and others seeing it as a severe public health and security concern. These attitudes are reflected in different laws and approaches to treatment Many Muslim countries following Islamic law strictly prohibit alcohol and enforce penalties against people caught using this or any other substance. There was an eradication on the major use of opium during the 1940s when the Communists took over China. Traffickers were executed, and users were sent to the countryside for rehabilitation and reeducation. These days, the strict reinforcement of antidrug laws, and the severe punishments for the use or sale of illicit substances are still present.

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