Charlie Sheen and Mental Illness

Should you have grown up through the 90’s, you might remember a fresh-faced actor starring in the video “Major League”. The movie revolves around baseball as well as a dodgy pitcher, that you recognize as Charlie Sheen. The movie star, son of renowned acting professional Martin Sheen, has become a massive film and television star till certain happenings early on this year bumped him from the pedestal. Sheen, who is now most recognized as the star of the huge TV series “Two and a Half Men”, has admitted to alcohol and drug abuse this past year. Fairly recently, Sheen’s illegal drug difficulty disclosed him hanging out accompanied by a big block of cocaine.

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Linden Oaks event spotlights drug, alcohol addiction

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With a number of stories this summer concerning teen drug and alcohol use in the Naperville area, the recent program at Linden Oaks at Edward concerning addictions hit home with a lot of people.The third annual Linden Oaks Recovery Day was a gathering which sought to recognize those of all ages who continue to recover from chemical dependency as well as remember those who still need help.This …

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Facing our Humility

In specific description, humility stands out as the quality or just state of being extremely humble. In concern to people who happen to be enslaved by drugs and also situations that are damaging for their health, going through their own personal humility would be the best way that they could find their way to assistance regarding their challenges. It may also be tough for any person to face their own individual humility, if they really are addicted to unsafe actions or not, yet it’s a process we all need to do every now and then.

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