449 Recovery Announces Ground Breaking Approach to Addiction Treatment

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New alcohol and drug addiction treatment center rolls out 449 Recovery Plan that defines 7 phases to breaking the cycle of addiction.San Clemente, CA (PRWEB) January 20, 2012 Theres no instant cure for drug and alcohol addictions. The Pathway to addiction is slow, long, painful and winding. The Pathway to recovery is far more challenging but the end result produces pure, unadulterated bliss …

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Promises Treatment Center Launches Specialized Evaluation and Treatment Programs for Professionals Suspected of Having Substance Abuse Problems

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Promises launches new world-class program for professionals. Drawing on the experience of new director, Gregory Skipper, MD, with decades of experience in the field of professional impairment, the new program will offer a number of innovations making it unique among its competition. The program will offer thorough evaluations and profession-specific treatment elements and emphasize linkage to long-term monitoring.

(PRWeb January 25, 2012)

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Detox & Withdrawal

Detoxification. Without a question, this can be the one most essential stage for an addict getting started with the particular recovery process. It is significantly a hardship on the addict, and that is the place where fast Detox Centers come into play. Detox is the stage regarding speedily cleansing the waste from a person’s system and is particularly generally done in the good care of a licensed medical professional.

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Teen Use of Drugs and Alcohol Vex Parents with Addiction and Overdose Possibilities Dr. Carol Francis Radio Interview with Expert Dr. Moe Gelbart

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Dr. Carol Francis, Psychologist, interviews Teen Drug and Alcohol specialist Dr. Moe Gelbart on The Dr. Carol Francis Show to help parents spot the signs and act helpfully quickly. Teens use of pot, cocaine, heroine, alcohol has increased (according to Dr. Moe Gelbart and The Partnership of Drug Free) with concerns such as addiction, reduced ability to function at school or work or overdosing.

(PRWeb January 10, 2012)

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