What is Co-Dependency Anonymous?

It was just recently pointed out that my long term girlfriend, Kelly, has become co-dependent upon me. And I don’t mean that the lady is needy and consequently simply wishes to spend a great deal of time together with me, I mean the lady has to do every single thing with me or she won’t do anything. I mean that she will go out of her way in order to “care for me” even if I don’t need that and it hurts her and in addition complicates the woman’s life. She seems to have an actual disorder, co-dependency can be a genuine thing. I believe men and women who are co-dependent tend to be everyday people that have an unhealthy love with regard to another person then demonstrate that love in unsafe ways. I constantly just applied it as a kidding around word for clingy, little would I know i actually would experience the actual thing.

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What is Al-Anon?

We have all heard of Alcoholic’s Anonymous, more generally referred to as AA. Less men and women have learned of Al-Anon. And perhaps a lesser amount of people realize what precisely Al-Anon is. There are actually a large amount of people that think that Al-Anon could be simply some other way of expressing Alcoholic’s Anonymous, and it’s not very difficult to see why. However, Al-Anon is always something different from AA, though it is related. So, what precisely is Al-Anon. Al-Anon is actually a support group program regarding the close friends and family of individuals battling with alcoholism. Al-Anon is a program that is dedicated to supporting any people that are close to someone else with an alcohol issue because of the particular disorders that will come up in their own everyday lives because of this. And of course, there are generally a great deal of problems which show up because of one’s nearness to an alcoholic.

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