John Belushi’s Untimely Death

In 1982, prior to his passing, John Belushi was just about the most sought-after actors in Hollywood. A competent person, part of the Blues Brothers and a talented professional, he met his unforeseen end due to the abuse of drugs. Belushi had been popular for hanging out after working on Saturday Night Live, and was always in search of the newest excitement. He’d suffered a drawback in terms of finding work which proved successful, but his natural talent wasn’t questioned.

Belushi liked to live the life of a rock and roll celebrity, partying hard and fast. Illegal drugs were definitely perhaps the most common staple then when he was found lifeless in Hotel Chateau Marmont it was subsequently determined he had both cocaine and heroin in his system. New needle scratches were found on his arms but buddies were not shocked. Sadness was amassed, but his close friends understood his partying way of life and were not amazed that his passing was a consequence of drugs. After his loss of life, some projects he was working on stood at a total halt, with close friends fearing that Belushi had cursed the projects with his passing.

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